About me

After completing my Bachelor's degree from IIT-Roorkee, I


worked as an IT professional at Cognizant Technology


Solutions, Pune for 3 years. In order to gain more insight


about life, universe and everything, I moved to San Jose


State University to pursue my Master's in Software Engineering.


Currently, I am located in Greater Boston Area and work as a Full


Stack Developer making cool and whizzy apps to make Juniper


Networks Great Again!



Coding is what mostly I do. Solving Interesting and


Challenging puzzles everyday. I am an admirer of


innovative technologies and good food.




My System

Pursue Passions, Not Paychecks.

Care About The Customer.

Be Crafty, Lovable, Systematic, And Hungry.

Open Your Blinds Before You Sleep.

Invest In Ideas That Matter.

Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously.

Read Every Day, And A Lot.